Michael Bradea, also known as “K-WAK”, is a young, passionate music-lover, determined to leave a legacy with his life. K-WAK (acronym for ‘Kid with a Kalling’) started playing the piano from a very young age, playing on and off with different private teachers. It was only when he was around 12 that he discovered a program through YouTube where you could produce and compose music and that’s when it all began. In complete eagerness and excitement, he searched and searched trying to figure out what this program was called, and after sifting through comments, discovered it to be "FL Studio" (also known as Fruity Loops). Since then, he has been using and discovering more and more about the program - to the point where he has started producing for other artists.


It was around January 2012 where K-WAK attempted to rap for the first time. He made a "Free Style" rap, and decided to post it on Facebook – and, to his surprise, the next morning there was over 70 likes, over 30 comments and several hundred views in less than 24 hours. After the success of the first video, K-WAK posted two more raps in the space of a week and received similar responses. Since that day, he classifies himself to be both a "producer" and also a "rapper."


Things started to get serious, when he got recognized by a record label group in Canada in early 2016. However, due to personal reasons, he felt it wasn’t the right time or path to pursue. He also got recognized by a journalist, who wrote an article about Michael and his pursuit of music, which you can find here. He has also had the privilege of being involved with a few festivals around Melbourne, including RAW Melbourne (2016) and even the UBERfest Winter Tour (2017).


K-WAK released his debut album "Footprints" on April 30, 2017. The album took him three years to get right, as he was also teaching himself how to record and mix during this time. Produced and mixed entirely by Michael, this project is a real milestone and accomplishment. In December 2017, K-WAK released his first official music video, for the song #Stranded which is track 10 off his album Footprints, working alongside David Strbik (founder of Reel Dream Films). Since Footprints released in 2017, K-WAK has released a few singles including otherSIDE, Can't Get Away (ft. Chloe Cerra) and Sound (ft. Trae Perry & Loso). The next release will take place on Sunday May 23, 2021 - K-WAK's second album titled 'Little Legends Vol. 1'.


Plans after this project are yet to be announced – however we do know that K-WAK will be continue to produce more beats for purchase, which can be found here.


The future is bright for K-WAK and you can bet that there will be a lot more exciting news to share in the coming years.